Logotype of the Church of St. Wojciech

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logotyp najstarszej świątyni Krakowa

In the center of the largest European Market stands the smallest temple of Krakow – the church of St. Wojciech from the turn of the X/XI century. Built on the road leading to the Wawel hill, it reminds the place where, according to legend, Wojciech taught, travelling from Hungary to Prussia with the mission of the Christianization of the north.

The baroque shape of the church, its round shutters and the missionary message of Saint. Wojciech became our inspiration in the logo design.

When and where: 2017, Krakow

For whom: church of St. Wojciech, Archdiocese of Krakow

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Straszewskiego Street 2/9
31-101 Krakow