Logotype and website of “Independent Lesser Poland”

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“Niepodległa Małopolska” (“Independent Lesser Poland”) is a project including outdoor exhibitions in Krakow – the capital of Lesser Poland, and an educational and historical web portal, collecting information on heroic battles for Polish identity in the Lesser Poland region from the 18th century to the 1990s.

Our role was to create the branding of the project (identification and website). We started work on the brand’s graphics from the implementation of the logo. The inscription “Independent Lesser Poland” was inscribed in the colors of the Polish flag, and thus the road to independence of the whole country. The design assumption was to use contrasting colors: white, red and gray. White and red symbolize the purity of intent and bravery of the Poles. Gray – is a symbol of soldiers’ uniforms and a reference to archival photographs from the period of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, dominating the graphics of the page.

The historical portal designed by us is rich, among others in archival materials, gives access to the digital library of patriotic songs and the base of notes, and to the search engine of the Lesser Poland municipalities, where in the year of “Independence 2018” the user will be able to join independence parties.

When and where: celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Poland’s Independence regain, April – June 2018

For whom: “Niepodległa Małopolska” (“Independent Lesser Poland”)

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